LearnShedLive – The Why

I love learning new things.  One day in May this year I was exploring possible options and found a workshop that I really wanted to attend. It was with a world-renowned teacher. But the course was in Cork and that meant not only finding money for the workshop itself, but also for the travel and accommodation. As costs really began mounting up, so did the reality of the … Continue reading LearnShedLive – The Why

My startup journey so far….honesty and optimism

I joined the Escape School Startup Tribe about a month ago now with the desire to be part of a community that helps, shares and supports each other through this mad, complex and often un-nerving journey. Last week I spoke about the brilliance of others and how it was paralysing me with fear. But thoughts change at lightening speed on this startup rollercoaster and so … Continue reading My startup journey so far….honesty and optimism

My startup journey thus far….

I’ve had a job, a defined role for the last 14 years.  This summer I decided to leave it all behind. I was MD of a beautiful, niche little business called Unmissable. For all of these 14 years I’ve had a secure(ish) salary and I place where I always felt like I belonged. But there came a point this year when it was finally time … Continue reading My startup journey thus far….