A Day in the Life of a Live Stream Producer

I believe you can tell

I recently read that the only thing we have to fear is not giving 100%. That’s certainly been my fear in starting up The Life Adventure. However hard the path, when you feel the darkness surround you, you don’t ever want to look back and think, ‘if only I’d tried a little harder’.

And so it was, after months of preparation, we finally delivered our first full live stream workshop. You’ve probably heard the team ‘zero to hero’ and in this story there are plenty of heroes, those who appeared from nowhere to help us deliver an incredible 2 days of high quality content that even the great Beeb themselves would have been proud of.

IMG_5378The heroes in this story are the students and the lecturer who we collaborated with a top private London university, right in the heart of Regents Park in London. In these early stages of our short pre-funding history, we’ve needed somewhere to deliver our proposition. Practicalities aside, we also loved the idea of collaborating with young people; an exchange of real-life start-up experience in return for facilities, enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge. And as they stepped forward to assist, they began to understand that LearnShedLive is a loveable business. Raw, trying to figure it all out, but with a mission to provide exceptional content on topics and subject matter that viewers may not have known existed, or perhaps couldn’t ordinarily afford to attend (all live stream content is free to watch).

There is nothing as nourishing as working with a team of people that really love where they work and what they do. I was lucky enough to have that in my previous role, and once you’ve tasted this, nothing less will ever be good enough. Not only was the team incredible, giving of their time so freely, so the facilities were truly exceptional too. A full TV/film/broadcast studio equipped with state of the art cameras, lighting along with editing and production suites. It was perfect.

But it’s this idea of a team connection that really gets me. One that really brings this whole production together. And I believe you can tell. The presenters certainly could. By the end of the two days filming they were blown away by the camaraderie and the environment we’d created there. It just felt special. Without this essence I can lose interest and lose my way a bit. I don’t ever understand the point if we’re not all in it together, pulling together to make something exceptional that others can benefit from.

Like many start-ups I’ve come across in London over the past 6 months, mainly through the amazing work done by @theescapeschool and @thedolectures, we too want to make a difference in the world and do a little good. It sounds made up, or corny, put together to make a good story? But really, it isn’t. And I believe you can tell.


Here are some of the images from the day. Thanks again to the entire team at Regents, particularly to Michael, Ornela, Hadley and Roki.


We couldn’t have done it without you and we’ll be forever grateful for your continued enthusiasm, kindness, organisation and professionalism.



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