A Day in the Life of a Live Stream Producer

I believe you can tell I recently read that the only thing we have to fear is not giving 100%. That’s certainly been my fear in starting up LearnShedLive. However hard the path, when you feel the darkness surround you, you don’t ever want to look back and think, ‘if only I’d tried a little harder’. And so it was, after months of preparation, we … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Live Stream Producer

LearnShedLive – The Why

I love learning new things.  One day in May this year I was exploring possible options and found a workshop that I really wanted to attend. It was with a world-renowned teacher. But the course was in Cork and that meant not only finding money for the workshop itself, but also for the travel and accommodation. As costs really began mounting up, so did the reality of the … Continue reading LearnShedLive – The Why